Columbine Shootings Begin New Era

Today is a day that will live in infamy for the Personal Computer/Cellphone (b. 1980 – 2000) and Net (b. 1990 – 2010) generations. Also commonly known as “Millennials,” the tragic school shooting in Columbine was the beginning of several that would tattoo these generations. From a kindergarten in Sandy Hook to a high school in Parkland, FL, these two generations would grow up in an age of terror (including their marker event on September 11, 2001). Nowhere would be safe. Mass shootings occurred at theaters, concerts, restaurants, workplaces, even church.

Today is a solemn day to reflect and remember how we felt 22 years ago. I remember coming home from a long day of work, flipping on the television to be confronted with the Columbine shootings. As I watched the streams of teens exit the school, tears rolling down their faces, in shock and fear, my heart was broken.

The innocence was now gone.


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