Lewis and Clark Title Timeline.1805

 NOTE: The following is an abbreviated summary for each day of the Lewis and Clark journey, combining the journal entries of Lewis, Clark, Ordway, Floyd, Gass and Whitehouse into one seamless account. As much as possible, the original thoughts were retained. In cases of quotes or unique information, the individual who made the statement is added in parenthesis (). The original journal entries have also been corrected for spelling, grammar and readability. Click to view the journals in their original state.

The Corps of Discovery officially began their journey to the Pacific on May 14, 1804.

Fort Mandan, ND (Winter/Spring)

January 1, 1805 - April 6, 1805

Fort Mandan, ND to Loma, MT

April 7, 1805 – June 2, 1805

Loma, MT to Great Falls, MT

June 3, 1805 - July 9, 1805

Great Falls, MT to Camp Fortunate, MT 

July 10, 1805 – August 23, 1805

Camp Fortunate, MT to Canoe Camp, ID

August 24, 1805 - October 6, 1805