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GenTech: An American Story of Technology, Change and Who We Really Are (1900-Present) (Paperback)

Description of the book:   Every twenty years a new generation rises, but who and what defines these generations? And could current generational tags mislead and miss the point? In this insightful and humorous analysis of technology history since 1900, Dr. Rick Chromey offers a fresh perspective for understanding what makes a generation tick and differs from others. Within GenTech, readers learn how every generation uniquely interacts with particular technologies that define historical temperament and personality and why current generational labels are more fluid than fixed, and more loopy than linear. Consequently, three major generational constellations emerge, each containing four, twenty-year generations that overlap, merge, and blend: The Audio Generations (1900-1950) Transportation-Telephone Generation (1900-1920), Motion Picture Generation (1910-1930), Radio Generation (1920-1940), Vinyl Record Generation (1930-1950) The Visual Generations (1940-1990) Television Generation (1940-1960), Space Generation (1950-1970), Gamer Generation (1960-1980) and Cable Television Generation (1970-1990) The Digital Generations (1980-2000) Personal Computer-Cell Phone Generation (1980-2000), Net Generation (1990-2010), iTech Generation (2000-2020), and Robotics Generation (2010-2030). Dive in and revel in this exciting, compelling, and novel perspective to understanding recent American generations with GenTech.

Rights: © 2020 Dr. Rick Chromey. All rights reserved. Book will be released May 26, 2020. Published in New York, New York, by Morgan James Publishing. Morgan James is a trademark of Morgan James, LLC.

Distribution:  Printed books produced by Morgan James Publishing, and will be distributed by Ingram and other distributers to be determined to independent retailers.  Currently the book is in pre-order across the country in various retailers, including local retailers like Rediscovered Books. The author’s page on Morgan James will be available four months prior to release.
ISBN:  978-1-64279-671-1 paperback (Perfect Bound Soft Cover $19.95)
ISBN:  978-1-64279-672-8 (E-Book available now online on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online retailers and online bookstores.)
Library of Congress Control Number: 2019907495

About the author:  Rick Chromey is a cultural explorer, social historian and generational futurist. He’s also served as a pastor, professor, speaker/trainer, and consultant. In 2017, he founded MANNA! Educational Services International to inspire and equip leaders, teachers, pastors, and parents. Rick has a doctorate in leadership and the emerging culture; and travels the U.S. and world to speak on culture, faith, history, education, and leadership topics. He has authored over a dozen books on leadership, natural motivation, creative communication, and classroom management. He lives with his wife, Linda, in Star, Idaho.