Clara Brown: The Angel of the Rockies

Clara Brown

“I always go where Jesus calls me.” And Clara Brown (1803? – 1885) did just that. Widely known as “Aunt Clara” or the “Angel of the Rockies,” Ms. Brown was lauded for her Christian philanthropy and community leadership in pioneering Colorado. Clara Brown is a true American hero. It’s a tale worth reading. Brown was…

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Sojourner Truth: The Truth That Set a Woman Free

Sojourner Truth

The Smithsonian Magazine named her among America’s “Most Significant” individuals.”[i] She’s been commemorated on towers, highways, stamps, ships, monuments, and currency. A space rover and asteroid were named for her. Gloria Steinem initially considered branding Ms. Magazine in her honor. She was inducted into the Woman’s Hall of Fame (1981). Many consider her America’s greatest…

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Stephen Smith: America’s First Black Business Mogul

STEPHEN SMITH (1795-1873) was born into slavery. At the tender age of five he became the indentured servant for Thomas Boude, a Pennsylvanian businessman. Smith spent his youth working the lumberyard. However, he also learned lessons from his master about business. This mentoring would make Smith rich beyond imagination. In that day, an indentured servant…

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Free Frank McWhorter: “Kind, Benevolent, and Honest”

He was a former slave and a wealthy farmer who founded his own town. And he personally purchased the freedom of over a dozen family members. His name was Frank McWhorter (1777-1854). But once Frank broke the yoke of his own slavery, he joyously added a new prefix moniker: FREE. Free Frank McWhorter…because freedom is…

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James Forten: A Liberator and Leader for Abolition

He was a wealthy Philadelphia businessman…and a leading voice for abolitionism. He was a sailmaker, author and political activist…a free black in a white world. One biographer noted he was “one of the most powerful African-American voices…he knew how to use the press and the speaker’s podium. He knew about building alliances…[and] the nature of…

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The Race of the First Kentucky Derby

On May 17, 1875, America’s most storied horse race was first ran: the Kentucky Derby. The winning jockey was Oliver Lewis aboard a horse name Aristides. We have forgotten how black Americans, in the beginning, not only ran these thoroughbreds but also cared for them. In this first running of the Kentucky Derby, thirteen out…

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