“A Wee Little Book”: The Bible of Thomas Jefferson (Part 2 of 4)

Jefferson Bible

TweetShareShare    Jefferson…wrote his own Bible that excluded all references to miracles, wonders, signs, virgin birth, resurrection, the God-head, and whatever else conflicted with his own religious thought.[i] Robert S. Alley   These words–penned by an atheist–reflect a common belief that Thomas Jefferson was an irreligious Deist who “wrote his own Bible.” Many secularists translate…

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“I am a Real Christian”: The Religious Views of Thomas Jefferson (Part 1 of 4)

Thomas Jefferson

TweetShareShare   Jefferson’s personal history…disgraceful conduct…reputation for free thinking and loose morality is admitted.[1] “An atheist and fanatic.”[2] “[His] knowledge of and admiration for the teachings of Jesus have never been equaled by any other president.[3] “Jefferson’s religion…was misunderstood…criticisms came from those who knew neither Jefferson nor his religious beliefs.”[4]   It’s been two centuries…

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Mixing Church and State: Thomas Jefferson and America’s First Megachurch (the U.S. Capitol)

TweetShareShareAmerica is known for its churches. And despite declines in church attendance since the 1990s, every Sunday millions of Americans still go to church. A significant percentage will attend a “megachurch” over 1500 members. Megachurches have been a big part of the American landscape the past forty years, but in reality, they have existed for…

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