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best seller campaign for ebook March 26, 2020 7-8pm eastern timeNew hit eBook GenTech: An American Story of Technology, Change and Who We REALLY Are, by Dr. Rick Chromey scheduled for bestseller campaign March 26th, 7-8pm EST – for 1 hour, the book will be free to download! We hope you will join our party.

Have you ever wondered why generations are out of whack? Why Millennials hate being called Millennials and why many Baby Boomers can’t relate? Let alone Gen Z and now the new Generation Alpha. How about not being labeled by when we are born using names that don’t mean anything? In the new book GenTech: An American Story of Technology, Change, and Who We REALLY Are, by Dr. Rick Chromey, he starts a new conversation that changes everything. How about defining our generations with clearly defined language based on the technology we consume during our “coming of age” years, between 10 and 25? That makes a lot of sense, and the book takes us on a fun journey from 1900 looking at how technology has formed us. Dr. Chromey gives us insight into newly named generations and sees them as more fluid. He takes the reader on an exciting journey that presents generations that make sense for a modern world that will have everyone talking.

“It is my hope to start a new conversation about generations that will help all of us learn and grow in a way that takes away labels, brings us together, and engages us through technology that makes sense. We are excited to offer this eBook free for 1-hour, for a best-seller campaign and would love everyone’s help to get there! We hope many will download the book for free, read and learn, and spread the word about it,” said Dr. Rick Chromey. “I am really excited about this campaign to generate interest before the launch of the print edition, May 26, 2020.”

From the Introduction:

The Future is Rooted to the Past
It’s not the first time the world has changed. World history is filled with interesting patterns. One pattern is how massive cultural shifts happen roughly every 500 years. Several years ago, I formulated a concept called Cultural Language Theory. I theorized that technology—particularly certain “mega” tech” technologies—has the power to change cultural languages. These cultural languages are what societies use to guide learning, commerce, entertainment, and communication. Consequently, they influence all cultural institutions from the home to the church, from politics to business. When cultural language changes, a whole new world emerges. It’s why we need people to read the cultural tea leaves. It’s critical to understand the world and hold conversations about where we need to go. We need to make sense of what’s happening (that makes a generation)… The technology that influences our lives, particularly in youth and young adulthood, will mark us for life. In fact, technology has significantly tattooed every American generation since 1900. We are generations of technology. Transportation and the telephone. Motion pictures. Radio. Television. Space. Video games. Personal computers. Cellphones. Internet. Robotics… We are Americans and this is our technology. It’s become our unique, collective story. A story that needs to be told and it is why I wrote this book. We are GenTech.

About the Author:

Dr. Rick Chromey is a cultural explorer, social historian, generational futurist, and international keynote speaker, focusing on culture, faith, history, education, and leadership topics. He is the Founder and President of MANNA! Educational Services, which equips leaders to lead, trainers to train, and teachers to teach for over three decades. A notable author, he has written over a dozen books on leadership, natural motivation, creative communication, and classroom management including three best-selling titles. He holds a master’s in education, and a doctorate in Leadership and the Emerging Culture from George Fox University. Dr. Chromey has served full-time as well as an adjunct professor for several colleges and universities. He lives in Star, Idaho with his wife Linda.

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